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Cascade Box set: Complete series. Books 1 - 8


Extinction Gene Box set: Complete series. Books 1 - 6


The Scourge Box set: Complete series. Books 1 - 6



Every sci-fi/TEOTWAWKI/alt-history story begins with an individual-, world- or universe-altering event, and this one is unique in my 60+ years of reading every genre.

The Cascade - Amazon Reviewer

I was on the edge of my seat and holding my breath reading this book. Your imagination is unique and hopefully just that - imagination.
I don’t want to meet your monsters.

Extinction Gene - Amazon Reviewer

This is an excellent story. The characters are so realistic you really feel for them. The author has built a truly terrifying world in this tale. I'm only sorry it's over. I hope he has more like it.

The Scourge - Amazon Reviewer




Phil Maxey wrote and released his first scifi story in 2016, but grew up on a hefty diet of scifi and fantasy comics, books and films, which installed within him a love of the genres. Always having too many ideas to write, he now spends his time bringing to life characters and worlds.

He has over 36 books on Amazon.



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